Comfast Extender Setup


If you love playing online games and enjoy watching content online, you really need a super fast internet connection. Having a super fast internet is not enough when you can’t use it, beyond your room. You can only enjoy wifi if it has a coverage which covers your entire house or an entire office space. Unfortunately, no router can actually cover a large place without the assistance of a range extender. Nowadays, the importance of range extenders has increased a lot. It is because there are several other facts near us, which affect wireless signals. So on this website, we are introducing an amazing device, which can eliminate the scarcity of wireless range at your place. We are talking about The Comfast extender device and its setup process. To know in detail about the Comfast repeater setup, take a look at the section given below.


What Is Comfast cf wr750ac setup?

A Comfast cf wr750ac device is an extender or a repeater, which boosts or extends wireless signals to a larger area. A Comfast cf wr750ac is designed in such a way that it takes wifi signals from your key/primary router and boosts it as an open/secured wireless signal. It also provides internet to dead zones and areas where it is difficult to receive any wifi signal. There are various reasons why we should pair up Comfast wifi repeater with our present router. We are surrounded by interference from walls, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, and various other devices. These devices interfere with the wireless signals and result in the creation of dead zones at our place. So with the help of Comfast cf wr302s setup, we can eliminate the extra cost of extending the range. On this website we intend to provide you useful information regarding network range extension with the help of Comfast extender setup. We believe Comfast setup process can become an excellent weapon to eliminate dead spots at your office & home WiFi networks.

What Can We Expect From Comfast Cf wr750ac Setup?


  • Features maximum transmission speed of up to 750 Mbps and offers the best HD video streaming and online gaming experience.
  • Three in One Function, it Supports AP, Repeater & Router mode.
  • Has the support of WPS one key encryption & keep the network in-security.
  • Supports nearly all wireless 802.11ac/a/b/g/n networks & devices
  • Comfast Cf wr750ac’s wireless signal can cover up to 160 square meters
  • OThe WiFi signals can be extended to every corner without restraint, due to dual external antennas.
  • Offers real-time 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual-band connectivity, work as a powerful factor to tackle interference.
  • Wider signal range coverage & vast access.
  • Easy Setup & Installation

Pre-requisite of Comfast cf wr302s Setup

Ideal Placement of Comfast cf wr302s Extender

If you wish to experience internet access across the many walls at your office or home, make sure you’re giving attention. If you don’t know where & how to place the Comfast cf wr302s Extender, here are few steps that might help you. Let’s get started with the placement of Comfast cf wr302s Extender.

To get optimal signals from your Comfast cf wr302s Extender, placement of extender is important. Choose any dual-band AC1200 router to pair it with your Comfast cf wr302s Extender. If you combine both the devices they will provide best performance, wider range and a wide wifi coverage all over your place.

The best location which you can give to your Comfast cf wr302s Extender is right in between the wireless router and the devices you need to connect it to. An extender also needs to in the wireless range of your wifi router. Let’s suppose in future you wish to change the location, simply move the Extender near the new device you wish to connect it to, but again, should be in range of your router.

How to Install the Comfast CF-WR302S?

First, plug the Comfast CF-WR302S into a wall outlet & power it on. Now press the WPS button on your router & press the WPS button on Comfast CF-WR302S repeater. It will create a fresh SSID using the 192.168.10.x subnet. You can setup Comfast extender in three different modes. We are providing information about all the modes which you can use while connecting the Comfast extender/repeater.

As a Router

If you wish to use Comfast cf wr750ac as a router, you can do it quite easily. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from your modem to your Comfast cf wr750ac extender’s Ethernet port.

As an Access Point

If you wish expand the wireless connectivity to other areas in your home, setup Comfast wifi repeater as an access point. Take your Comfast wifi extender and keep it in AP mode. You would require to connect it to the router via an Ethernet cable.

As an Extender

Eliminate the issues of weak wireless range and dead zones from your house by enabling Comfast CF-WR302S as an extender. You can connect this extender to any host router by using the WPS method.

Comfast Extender Setup via Easy QR Code

Setting up the Comfast Extender is super easy, and it comes with an Easy QR Code setup option. Locate the Easy QR Code on the front of the extender and download the App on your iOS or Android device. Now open the app and scan the provided QR code. Once it reads and decrypts the QR code on the device, your extender setup process will start. Post this, you can start enjoying a fast internet connection at your place.

How to Access Comfast Login Page??

  • First, download Zappie firmware, from the Access point of the Comfast cf-wr750ac & save it on your computer.
  • Next, connect the PC to LAN port on your PoE Adapter.
  • Connect the PoE port on the Comfast device WAN port. Here, you need to ensure, computer network settings are set to static with a fixed ip address & subnet

Access Comfast Login Page

  • Launch a web browser on your computer or a wireless device.
  • Navigate through Comfast login default IP address or If this default IP address doesn’t work, try using to access the administrative Comfast login page. If you are still not able to access Comfast Login Page, take assistance from our team.
  • Next, the window will ask for default login credentials of Comfast cf wr302s setup.
  • Enter admin in both the fields. If you have customized and accessed the details of the default Comfast login page earlier, enter the same details as before.
  • Now click the settings located at the top right menu & then click on System Tools.
  • Visit Firmware Version & select choose file option. Next, choose the downloaded firmware file & click on Upload button.

Comfast Cf-wr750ac Reset

If in case you are not able to recall the default Comfast’s login details, or face an issue while completing Comfast repeater setup, try resetting the device. In order to reset the device, follow the steps that we’ll providing you now. By resetting your Comcast Cf-wr750ac device, you can return it to its default factory settings. Keep in mind that when you do complete the Comfast Cf-wr750ac Reset, all the current settings are erased and you can’t undo this action.

Reset Comfast Cf-wr750ac (Hard Reset)

With the unit powered On, use a paperclip & press or hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. When you see LED light to turn red, it means the device is rebooting. Now wait for about 30 seconds to access Comfast Cf-wr750ac extender again.

Reset Comfast Cf-wr750ac (Soft Reset)
  • Complete the Comfast login and visit the configuration interface of the main page of Comfast Cf-wr750ac
  • Visit the Management page and click on system from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, click Restore to Factory Defaults button.
  • You will get a warning notification to confirm the factory reset. Simply click Ok to continue.
  • Wider signal range coverage & vast access.
  • Easy Setup & Installation

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