Comfast CF WR750ac Setup

Now optimize your network with the Comfast CF WR750ac range extender. The Comfast CF-WR750AC provides you maximum transmission speed of up to 750 Mbps and lets you stream online HD videos and play online games. It works in three different modes i.e. Access Point mode, router mode, and extender mode. You can switch the mode as per your requirement. With the help of Comfast CF WR750AC setup, you can eliminate the extra cost of extending the range of router’s signals. It features the QR scan code setup, a WPS setup and has dual bands with transmission speed up to 750Mbps. You can use the WPS button for quick installation. It is equipped with 5dbi antenna to provide better wireless range at longer distances.  

How to setup the Comfast Wifi Extender?

In order to experience the uninterrupted internet access across your home or workplace, install the Comfast CF-WR750ac. Before you start the Comfast repeater setup, place your range extender at an ideal place. Read the below instructions to know how to find an optimal location to place the Comfast range extender:

How to find an optimal location to place the Comfast CF WR750ac?

  • Generally, an ideal location to place a repeater is halfway between your router and the Wireless Client.

  • You should clear obstacles in the way between the Comfast repeater and your router.

  • Also, keep your range extender far away from any electromagnetic interference, such as microwave ovens, Blue tooth devices, cordless phones, etc.

  • Position your device in a well-ventilated area.

Comfast CF WR750AC setup via WPS Button

  • First of all, position your router and plug it into an electrical source.

  • Now, press and hold the WPS button on your existing wireless router for at least 5-10 Seconds.

  • Within a minute, press and hold the WPS button placed on the Comfast Repeater for 5-10 Seconds.

  • Now, wait until the power LED turns solid blue. Flashing blue light on the Wi-Fi signal will indicate the WPS connection is being set up.

  • Next, connect to the Comfast Repeater‘s network which is named as “Home Network”.

  • Now, you need to create a new network name and password. Set a strong password for security purposes.

  • Your Comfast repeater is connected to the network. You can reposition the range extender as per your requirement.

Comfast Repeater Setup via QR Scan-Code

The Comfast Wi-Fi repeater comes with an easy QR scan-code setup option. You can use this feature to set up the Comfast WR750ac extender. Here are the steps to install the Comfast wifi repeater using the QR code:

  • First of all, locate the QR code on the front panel of the range extender.

  • Now, download or install the App on your Smartphone either from Play Store or Apple Store.

  • Next, launch the application and scan the QR code on the extender.

  • It reads and decrypts the QR code on the repeater and the setup process starts automatically.  

How to configure the Comfast CF WR750ac via a Browser?

  • On your PC or a wireless device, launch a web browser.

  • Next, navigate through Comfast login IP address that is  or

  • Now, a login window appears which is asked to enter the default login credentials of Comfast repeater.

  • In the provided fields, enter ‘admin’ for both username as well as password. You can find the default login credentials in the Comfast wifi repeater manual.

  • Here, you can change the admin details. Try to keep a strong password to keep your device secure.

  • Next, manage and configure the settings of your device.

In case, you face an issue while completing the Comfast CF WR750AC setup process, try resetting the range extender. This blog covered how to perform Comfast login and setup process. In case, you are still confused about the setup process of your repeater then give us a call at our toll-free number. We have a dedicated team of router/extender experts who are available round the clock to assist you.  You can also do a live chat with us through a live chat window.